About The Author

Due to its deep confusion and incompleteness, this field is intentionally left blank. I am what I do, not what I think I am.

For most people though, the following three words should suffice: Sociologist, Mathematician and Computer.

You can find its traces on…


Mostly for collecting writing feedback.

Matrix: @iacore:envs.net
Email: inquiry+site🙃1a-insec.net PGP Key

Facts About The Website

Q: What’s with the writing style?
A: Commanding natural language is not my strongest feat. I try out different writing styles for fun.

Q: What is it made of?
A: This website is made with Deno and Lume, and hosted on exozyme.

Q: Why “insecure” in website name?
A: Because the website relies on HTTP and DNS.

Q: Why does it look like this?
A: I have used far too many build tools and frontend frameworks. Now I only wish to sleep more.

Q: Why the text is unstyled?
A: I hate using typeface to convey meaning. That said, you can download free fonts from Google Fonts, then set one as default in your browser’s settings.

Q: Where’s full-text search?
A: There’s no full-text search functionality on this website that includes article content. Use wget2 -rk to download the whole site and grep to your heart’s content.

Q: How to cite an article from this website?
A: Include the following in any order you like: my name, article title, original URL, archived URL (I recommend https://archive.is/).

Q: Is there a “now” page?
A: No. An interesting property of my projects is that they are either being conceptualized or done; the phase in between is very short.