About Me

Hello again. I’m a sociologist, mathematician, and computer (who calculates). I want to make people suffer less, and I will.

I contributed much to open-source software on Github and a little bit on Codeberg. The rest of my code is hosted on git.envs.net (Gitea), should you feel like looking through all my projects. I also have an itch.io account.

Contact: You can find me on Matrix at @iacore:envs.net, or send Email to inquiry+site🙃1a-insec.net (PGP Key).

About Website

Q: What is it made from?
A: This website is made with Deno and Lume, and hosted by Drew DeVault’s circle thingy.

Q: Why your website looks like this?
A: I have used far too many build tools and frontend frameworks. Now, I only wish to sleep more.

Q: Why the text is unstyled?
A: I hate using font to convey meaning. That said, you can download free fonts from Google Fonts, then set one as default in your browser’s settings.

Q: Where’s full-text search?
A: There’s none. Use wget2 -rk to download the whole site and grep to your heart’s content. You can also use “Find in Page” (Ctrl+F) provided by your web browser.
I also have an Atom feed, which you can find here.

Q: Why “insecure” in website name?
A: It’s HTTP and DNS.


spray painted text "30th"
participatory award for being the 30th person for giving someone the same nickname