I'm Locria Cyber, and this is my website. I'm a sociologist, mathematician, and computer (who calculates). I want to make people suffer less, and I will.

My (concise and bad) Writing

Here's are some of my insightful rants about society. They are based on careful observations of the present. No hot takes included.

You may share my words to those who might be interested.

Here are also some of my terse findings about computing. I don't really like writing.

My other (more sound) creations

A drawn notation to represent existing algorithm better and create new ones faster.

A GUI for managing DNS records on Porkbun. Feel free to fork this.

Frequently Unasked Question

Q: Why your website looks like this?
A: As a web designer, I've used many build tools and frontend frameworks. Now, I wish to sleep more.

Q: Why the text is unstyled?
A: The reader should be deciding what font they read in, not me. You can download free fonts on Google Fonts, then set the default in your browser's settings.
BTW, if you are using Chrome, use a Firefox-based browser and install ad-blocker. You will thank me later.

Q: Where's site search?
A: There's none for now. Use wget2 -rk to download the whole site and grep to your heart's content. You can also use "Find in Page" provided by your web browser.
I also have an Atom feed, which you can find at the top of this page.