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Welcome, Internet traveller. My name is Locria Cyber, and this is my website for disseminating knowledge. To navigate around, use the links at the top of this page. To navigate around faster, use the search page.

Interesting Things That I Know Of

I don't know what else to put on my index page, so here are some things that I like.

Languages that I like:

nameroleappealstrongest impression
Fishshellsimple syntax i can rememberthe core team is too busy to release a new version for a critical bug
iolivelinesssimply elegant
Zigall-accessless drag...
Janetscriptingsimple lispy thinggood. it's good.
Pythonscriptinghas many libraries

Terminal: KiTTY

GUI libraries that do it right: imgui uhtml htmx

If you like LLM, try out RWKV.

Games I liked (and may still play):

Present Events Worth Worrying About

Other than picking a side to stand on, I ask you to think for yourself: who profit the most from those events?

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