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When Perfect Digital Security is Achieved

Warning: This is a story I often think of when I pounder on potential development of cyber security. It may be nonsensical.

In a future where OSes are perfectly secure, when the only possible error is human error; data leaks originate from only social engineering and break-ins. Your means to protect your data may be a stick. A long wooden pole-arm. A carbon fiber one will do too.

You are your system’s only administrator. You are impervious to phishing, since all your work is done on ABSD. Dumpsters are on fire outside. You know you need the stick.

Or, you oversee the time sharing system in your town, where kids come to play on the table together. The stick leaning in a corner. Of course you would not actually use it, but the threat of it is enough to make them not damage the table too much.

You were in cyber security, but now you have all day to sleep.