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Common Sense is Above Law

This article targets an audience living in lawful regions. If you live in a region with evil governmental alignment, such as parts of the US at the time of writing1, I recommend reading up on violent and nonviolent resistance instead of this article.

As for why the title does not say “The Law”, the choice is intentional.

As most laws we have today originate from common sense, the public common sense can rule over the law. If you can convince the judge that you haven’t done anything wrong with common sense, you are more than fine even if you think you might have broken the law.

I have seen so many people who won’t break the law (sometimes not of their jurisdiction 🫠) whatsoever, and I think that is such a sad way to live.

Here, I offer those people a freer way to live, in the form of a flow chart.

Start: Let’s say you want to do something
-> 0

0: Will the action hurt someone2?
Yes -> 1
No -> You can do it.

1: Is the action illegal in your current jurisdiction?
Yes -> You can do it, and may suffer karma and legal consequence.
No -> You can do it, and may suffer karma.

As a finishing thought, I should mention that

Take these points however you will. There is no grand narrative here, and you should think about the role of violence in society on your own.



  1. … where some politicians think they can govern sexual reproduction of humans, which is usually governed by nature.

  2. Use your own moral judgement!