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How to Scan For Bluetooth Trackers On Android

Recently, I came to know that Air Tags are used by stalkers, and any iPhone relay information from any Air Tag. I think the Apple botnet is evil, so I wrote this article.

At time of writing, I do not know how to solve stalking in general. I must understand the society more before I can answer this social problem. (If you are interested in a deep investigation into stalkerware, I recommend reading the #FuckStalkerware series from maia. I do not endorse its view on culture.)

For now, here is a technical workaround: you can detect some bluetooth trackers (including Air Tag) on Android.

To do that, install AirGuard from F-Droid, and the app should teach you how to scan for a limited selection of bluetooth-based trackers.


AirGuard comes from The Secure Mobile Networking Lab.

While reading the source code, it seems like AirGuard can only know if a tracker is connected to its owner when the tracker is made by Apple, Chipolo or Samsung.

The source code also mentioned some terms that I found in this paper1. Within, PREMATURE/OVERMATURE_OFFLINE made me think of firebugs that regulate glowing based on an internal timer. Maybe bluetooth trackers do glow like firebugs in 2.4GHz. I will see that sometime in the future. For now, have a table from the paper.

Bits 5-7NameDescription
001(1) Premature Offline Modethe tag has recently been disconnected
010(2) Offline Modethe tag has remained disconnected for over 15 minutes
011(3) Overmature Offline Modethe tag has stayed in Offline Mode for over 24
100(4) Paired with one devicethe tag is paired to a device
101(5) Connected to one devicethe tag is connected to a device
110(6) Connected to two devicesthe tag is connected to two devices


  1. Privacy Analysis of Samsung’s Crowd-Sourced Bluetooth Location Tracking System. Tingfeng Yu, James Henderson, Alwen Tiu, Thomas Haines.