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Rules Of Self Expression

Our faith inspires and informs our commitment to expand possibilities for people to thrive. We believe all people are created by God and given language as a means for flourishing. Through language, we understand who we are, experience relationships and explore life’s most important questions. — SIL @

I have thought about writing this article independently thrice. Self expression is important, even in software.

I have known the following for a long time:

A set of 2-tuple (key value database) cannot represent all concepts.
A set of 3-tuple (RDF database) can represent concepts but is not ergonomic.
A set of 4-tuple can represent concepts ergonomically.

The first thing capable of self expression in concept-tuple is a constant database "". Rather than using pronouns like “it”, “this”, “that”, each tuple is assigned a unique number as its reference ID. This number can put in a field of another tuple. 8st83p

The second would be me.


Before we start, let’s talk about the inspirations of this project.

Lojban v1.1 uses first-order predicates to express concepts; predicates have fixed arity. Some “predicate verbs”selbri have 5 “nouns”sumti (x6). In the concept-tuple language (if it can be called a language), there is shared vocabulary; tuples are shorter (usually arity of 2, 3, 4); objects can be referenced without names. Lojban has di’u (“previous utterance”), where as in concept-tuple, tuple IDs are used as reference.

toki pona is flexible and vague.

The sentence-building algorithm of MINSPEAK is like that of toki pona, but with grammatical quirks of German. MINSPEAK helps people otherwise poor at language formulation use language, although I think toki pona requires less cognitive load to parse than German.

Time is an important component in communication of all living beings. We have read the following articles about how living things in nature communicate with each other.

Title               : Plant Communication from an Ecological Perspective
Author(s)           : František Baluška, Velemir Ninkovic [František Baluška, Velemir Ninkovic]
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Title               : Communication in Fungi
Author(s)           : Fabien Cottier & Fritz A. Mühlschlegel [Fabien Cottier & Fritz A. Mühlschlegel]
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I Feel What, When, How

Languages like English (evolved) and lojban (constructed) like to put different inline.

A simple sentence like “I sleep now.” is as follows in concept-tuple:

(:0  self action sleep)
(:1  :0 timestamp 1713000000000)

For more information, please refer to the structural logger of 8st83p.

After using RDF-like tuples to express myself for awhile, I had the following conclusions.

lojban utterances are too complex for simple algorithms to parse through.

English is easy to serialize since the speaker can dump all thoughts into a soup of a sentence.

Concept-tuples are not easy to use for us, yet surprisingly sufficient to represent precise concepts without limit.

Having a shared vocabulary is essential. Without that, communication cannot be done. Which language is used is not that important when all parties communicating have a shared vocabulary.