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Seeing Suspicious Accounts On Github

In light of the recent incident related xz, I think I should write this.

For the past few year or so that I spend on Github, I have seen noticed a few accounts (at least 3 from my memory) that has only a few repos and commits. The code seems to be copied from other open-source projects, or directly generated by LLM.

For example, I have reported the Github user @Thapabijay28 as SPAM a month ago.

Then, I received an automated message from Github.

Thank you for contacting GitHub Support. We wanted to let you know that we’ve received your message. We are experiencing high volumes and therefore, you may experience longer than normal wait times. In the meantime, you may find answers to commonly asked questions in our community forum or in our documentation.

Ticket ID: 2610655

At the time of writing, the Github user is there, and the ticket is nowhere to be found.