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Regional Policy Misalignment

Recently, it came to be clear to me that a reason why politicians do not represent the interest of the people they ought to represent.

Consider the following facts.

This happens in Germany. The new generation care more about the nation as a whole, than the history of their Länder. The old generation actually don’t care about that much either. Having stuff to eat and affordable housing is far more important than preserving the “uniqueness” of your province. The representatives think the opposite, however. This misalignment is a significant obstacle to unification of regional laws into federal ones, which is way more useful to citizens than whatever “pride” they might lose from it.

Culture, Ideology, Etiquette - we invent them to give our actions meaning. The inefficiency (conflict of interests) arise are trivial for a person, but is harmful when it is amplified by institution.

Consider Rule 1 of Policy Making.