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Conflicts Of Interest Business Everywhere

Conflicts of interest (COI) are underlined.

A private company pays some employees at a fix rate to work, but as all beings created by nature, the employees are inherently lazy and don’t want to work. Manufactured incompetence1 guaranteed!

One way to solve this is to have the employees own shares of that company. Those companies are called co-op / cooperatives… wait… the food industry wins again!

Well, that’s the only ethical way of aligning the interest of employees that I know.

If the company goes public, then… COI Battle Advanced! *dumps a million dice on the floor and they go everywhere*.

And then you have VCs, which, each only cares about themself.

Now I have more respect for that private company whose founder only kept 1% of the company’s equity.


  1. maybe not “incompetence”, but definitely lazier than when one works on their own projects