2024-02-20 This page is severely outdated (written at 2023-07-25), and I am working a language guide for algograph. Hopefully I can finish that soon and I will put the link to that here as well.


Locria’s Unnamed Graphical Algorithmic Notation, or algograph for short, is a tool for me to output algorithms faster than any other method in existence (as of writing). As someone who wrote tons of code, I realized that my productivity was often bottlenecked by the speed of typing. Since I think way faster than I type, even if I type as fast as I can, my thoughts still pile up inside me. It felt bad.

In order to express my will unimpeded, I have designed this visual language that can denote algorithms. Incidentally, some complex concepts in Lambda Calculus have clear visual mappings here. It also does not depend on English to work, and is designed to work best with writing systems with square glyphs (漢字).

I hope you find my invention useful as a tool of thought or for teaching computing. Feel free to add custom syntax if you find the base syntax too verbose.

draft paper describing its syntax (Source Code)

Here are some handwritten notes showing the syntax of the language. Some of the syntax has changed since then.

Here’s more back story.

Algograph started as a feature-parity visual representation of Koka. Koka gave me a glimpse of what a systems programming language with types could be like. Therefore, although the algebraic-effect part of the grammar is labeled as “extension”, it was finalized earlier than the basic grammar (about lambda calculus).

I also envision an OS that allows humans to refactor algorithms as simple as cutting vegetables (ok maybe not that simple). I shall call that type of product a refactoring table.