After speaking with an Epicurean (who want to minimize pain and maximize pleasure), I think I finally understand how to rank different social structures in a meaningful-to-me way.

We should rank countries based on how their elites earn money, lives wasted per unit of profit earned. For this purpose, we will call less lives wasted per revenue “more life-efficient”. Monetary units will be standardized as the equivalent purchase power of local potato chips.

Why potato chips, you ask? Because I like potato chips. There will be a version with a standard PPI basket, but I would like to pratice my soctech skills and assume that potato chips is the only food that everyone eats.

Why Do I Make This

My main goal as a sociologist is to reduce human suffering as much as possible. By compiling data on how to make money the least mortal way, I hope that future elites will have a easy way to know how to both earn profit and behave. People may also learn something from this, although the usefulness of this index is not immediately apparent.

Also, I can gather information on all modern atrocities in a same place and rank them. Should be fun!

What Will Happen Next

Because of how volatile past/present/future global events are, I may never assign a score to each country. Instead, I will study major events one by one, which is more achievable.

Of course, some of the boring ones don’t cause any “events”, but they are worth studying as well.


related metric: wealth-per-capita in international dollars to global-peace-index